Upper Yosemite Falls 04.28.2016

Hi! It's me again. Weird right?! Two posts in one week? Who is this new Jason? I'm trying to figure that one out myself, but for the time being, I come bearing gifts! I figured since I did that Cliff Lake hike, I should probably slap up some more recent treks I've been on. 

So...without further ado...here is Upper Yosemite Falls! 

Beautiful right? And it's even prettier in person. Like, if you haven't been to Yosemite yet...what are you doing? Close your computer, turn off the phone, get your ass in your car and high tail it out of here. I'll wait...







so.....how was it? Awesome right?! You're welcome  =D 

For those that never left (lazy) here's a little info on our day. The above photo was taken right around 7am, when we were on our way to the trailhead. The trailhead is easy to spot, just go to Camp 4, down on the valley floor, park, get out, look around, and you'll see the trailhead. If you get lost, follow those steps again. 

From NPS website: "One of Yosemite's oldest historic trails (built 1873 to 1877), the Yosemite Falls Trail leads to the top of North America’s tallest waterfall, which rises 2,425 feet (739 m) above the Valley floor. This trail starts near Camp 4, along the Valley Loop Trail, and immediately begins its climb, switchback after switchback, through oak woodland. You will begin to climb above some trees and into exposed plateaus that offer you a glimpse of what's to come: great views of Yosemite Valley and its many iconic landforms."

There is a lot of switchbacks on this hike. Like an unsurmountable amount. I never want to see a switchback for the rest of my life. Back and forth and back and forth. Pure misery. But...at the top of some of those switchbacks, you'll come to this good little view. Just a little teaser for whats to come. 

This will give you some idea of the route that the hike goes. See....so. many. switchbacks. 

Half Dome always seems to find it's way in the spotlight. Luckily that's something that I think we're all ok with. I am at least, so, if you hate Half Dome....leave. Jk. But really, leave now. 

After what seems like a forever hike, you come upon this giant. This beast! This is what it's all for right?! Wrong. We weren't going to half ass this hike, to the top we go! But this view was a great little pick-me-up for all of us, and definitely got us excited for what was to come. 

Ok one more because damn...look that!!! 

Ok, let's continue on...

I didn't take any photos from top of Lower, until here, top of Upper, mainly because I was a grumpy shit and didn't want to take my backpack off. But it wasn't much, just a lot of switchbacks. Boring...right? 

Anyways, this is at the top of the falls. The infamous Yosemite Creek was roaring due to the previous nights storm, as well as the awesome snowpack we got during the winter. 
If you continue about a mile past the top of the falls, you'll end up at Yosemite Point, which offers amazing views of the valley floor. 

The 4.5 mile, 3,000ft+ elevation climb was all worth it once you see this view. This is what it's all for. All the sore feet, sweaty shirts, stinky socks, all worth it to marvel in this glorious place we call Earth. 

And the best way to end the day? A little adrenaline rush. Oh....and beers. Lots and lots of beers! 

If you haven't done this hike yet, don't. Kidding! Do it. It's awesome! Tiring, but still awesome nonetheless. Don't do it. Wait, do it. Ya, do it. Bring beer though. And two sammiches. Not one. Learn from me.

Anywhosie, until next time,