Stairway to Heaven 01.07.2017

One week into 2017 and I was able to knock off one of the most kickass hikes I have ever done. It might be hard to top this one this year, but if this is the only hike I accomplish all year (it won't be) than I think I would be content. 

Let's give some history about this hike: 

Beginning in 1942, contractors for the United States Navy began construction of the Haʻikū Radio Station, a top secret facility that was to be used to transmit radio signals to the Navy ships that were then operating throughout the Pacific. In order to obtain the necessary height for the antennae, the Navy stretched them across Haiku Valley, a natural amphitheater surrounded by high ridges. To accomplish this, they needed “easy” access to the top of the ridges, so they installed a wooden ladder up the mountain. The ladder was later replaced by a wooden staircase. Once the cable car was in operation, most workers preferred to ride the car to the upper hoist house rather than enduring the tedious climb up the stairs. Some remnant parts of the wooden ladder may still be seen beside the metal steps. The radio station was commissioned in 1943.

Enjoy that little snippet of history. 

Now on to the hike! We flew in to Oahu on Saturday the 6th, and tackled this hike the following morning. We knew we had to be up at the ass-crack of dawn (actually wayyyy earlier) so figured that still being on CA time would be to our advantage. We woke up at 3am, which was early, but it felt more like 5ish to us, so I guess it wasn't thattttt bad (still early as shit though).

Anyways, got up at 3, met up with an awesome friend that knew the route at 330, and hit the trail by 4! The first mile-ish was in pitch black with our headlamps bushwhacking through this bamboo forest to find the bottom of the stairs, and we had to do this all very discreetly. The hike is on private land and is definitely illegal, so there is a guard posted down below 24/7 which meant that we had to tip-toe around until we got past him. Not even a day in Hawaii and we were already doing the most illegal hike in the state. Go millenials!

We got past him, piece of cake, and started to the climb of 3,922 steps. Here's the rest:

early as shit, first platform done!

Early in the morning we staged two cars so that we didn't have to go back down the stairs (that's when the guard usually catches you). Instead, we did a ridge hike all the way down and saw some beautiful scenery! 

And that's it! That's for watching, errrr...reading, I mean! This was definitely the perfect way to start this awesome trip! Stay tuned for more!