This isn't the normal type of post I do (outdoors, hiking around, drinking a beer, etc) but I just had to do a quick post about some photos I took of this awesome couple the other day! 

Jenna and Brennen and I have been friends for awhile, and we've done a few shoots in the past, but I think this one tops out at my favorite! I love all things America, and all things outside, and all things golden hour, and ya, so this was perfect! 

I'll stop jabbering and let you all admire how adorable this couple is...and their handsome ass dog that I'm going to steal from them one day! Ru needs a friend, gotta think about the children. 


Look at that doggy face!!! Oh my gosh I love it. 

And that's all you guys will get to see muahahahahah!!! Like always, we had a good time! And we all toughed out the 100 degree heat because you know, 'Murica!